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Weather Girl
by Rachel Lynn Solomon

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Ari Abrams is a meteorologist, who has always dreamed of working with famed weatherwoman Torrance Hale. However, Torrance is selfish and moody, this makes the situation difficult. Torrance has an ex husband, Seth, he also works for the station. One night She’s moody, selfish, and can be downright bitchy. It doesn’t help that her ex-husband, Seth, works at the station as well. Ari and Russell tried to get back their bosses together. As this happening, Ari and Russell weren't aware that their attraction for each other would be growing too.

by Judy Blume

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Peter relates his life with his troublesome little brother, Fudge. Peter gets what he sees as some unpleasant news; his Mom tells him she is going to have a baby. Peter reacts angrily and worrying that his new brother or sister is going to be as difficult to live with as his four-year-old brother, Fudge. Shortly after the baby (nicknamed Tootsie) arrives, Peter gets news of another change in his life; his family is moving from New York City to Princeton. When school starts in the fall, Peter finds that he likes his new teacher, and that there is a girl in his class (Joanne) that he finds interesting. At the same time, he misses his friends in New York, and continues to have difficulties dealing with Fudge and his impulsive, sometimes selfish behavior. Peter becomes embarrassed when Fudge participates in a school assembly, creating a situation that has the potential to humiliate the school principal. At the end of the school year, Mom and Dad ask Peter and Fudge whether they want to move back to New York or whether they want to stay in Princeton.

Como ser un empresario próspero e independiente
by Alberto Medina Serrato

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Las mejores sugerencias en negocios son: 1_ dar para recibir, mayor cantidad o calidad de productos. 2_ piensas que lo lograrás o no lo lograrás, en los 2 estás correcto, es una forma de forzar a tu cerebro a ganar o perder. 3_ si lo puedes soñar lo puedes hacer, no hay explicación para estas palabras, solas se entienden.

The Storm Runner
by J. C. Cervantes

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When a plane crashes into a local volcano, a series of unbelievable events unfurl. Mayan prophecy states Zane is destined to release Ah-Puch, the god of death, from a 1,000-year entrapment. When Zane's dog is attacked by demons, he sacrifices himself. With the help of Brooks, a shapeshifter girl, they look for a way to outwit and outsmart the evil Ah-Puch. Learning of his heritage and wielding an indestructible silver cane that can hide his limp and turn into a spear, he faces off with the god of Death.

Waiting for normal
by Leslie Connor

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Addie and her mother, move into a run-down trailer. Addie’s half-sisters, Brynna and Katie, are living with Dwight in a new house. Shoula and Elliot welcome Addie to the neighborhood, making her feel at home. Addie defends a girl called Helena from bullies, and they become friends. Dwight visits and gives Addie a hamster, which she names Piccolo. Addie remembers a time Mommers abandoned her and her sister for three days. Hannah and Dwight discuss the possibility of adopting her, but she knows that it is unlikely to happen. The social worker arranges for Addie to live with Dwight, and Mommers agrees to this. Addie moves to the inn with Dwight and his family.

The Summer I Turned Pretty
by Jenny Han

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The book focuses on a girl named Isabel, Belly, to be precise. Every year, she, her mother, and her brother vacation at a beach cottage with Susannah and her two sons. Belly has fond memories of summers spent exclusively at the beach. She has grown a little more in love with Susannah's oldest son Conrad each summer. However, Belly's sixteenth birthday falls during this summer. Belly is left alone at the beach house with Conrad and his younger brother Jeremiah after her brother Steven leaves early to look into colleges. Even though they have always been pals, Belly turns up this summer looking much more mature than the last time Conrad and Jeremiah saw her. As the days go by over the summer, Belly runs into Cam, a boy who is also on holiday at the beach and who remembers her from when they attended an academic event together years ago. Despite Belly's inability to move past her affections for Conrad and Conrad and Jeremiah's apparent unwillingness to let their young Belly to date, he eventually wins Belly over as her summer boyfriend. Since they are still teenagers, Cam begins to sense that Belly isn't entirely invested in their relationship and ends things. Conrad, Jeremiah, and Belly are now the only ones left at home with their mothers, where they are taking advantage of their final few hours of beach time. But Conrad hasn't been himself this summer, and Belly wants to find out why. He has had fits of rage, been aloof, and has generally not been himself. And Belly realizes it's time to follow Jeremiah's lead and tell Conrad how she feels after he confesses to having feelings for her while cautioning her that Conrad will only hurt her. She approaches the older boy and tells him that she has loved him her entire life and that she knows he feels the same way. However, as Conrad pulls her away, what could have been a beautiful moment of them falling into their youthful romance degenerates into a blowup. When Jeremiah appears and chastises Conrad for his actions, the two start to fight. Susannah's cancer has returned, and her prognosis is not good, and when Belly's mother breaks it up, she and Susannah discover that the boys know the secret they've been trying to keep all summer. Belly learns about it last and feels misled about being protected, but she quickly puts that feeling aside so she can spend time at the beach house creating wonderful memories. Everyone goes home when the summer is through and Belly is shocked to receive a winter visit from Conrad, with whom she appears to be much more comfortable. In his car, the two drive out to an unknown location.

The Fault In Our Stars
by John Green

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The Fault in Our Stars tells the story of Hazel, a young sixteen-year-old girl who struggles with thyroid cancer. Who will begin a support group in order to make her family happy. During the support group she meets Augustus and creates a bond that makes them inseparable. This also created an opportunity for Hazel to meet her favorite author peter van houten. However, her view on the author changes when she meets the writer and discovers he is far from the person she imagined.

Espiral de Artillería
by Ignacio Padilla

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Esta historia es sobre un hombre vagabundo que le informa la policía sobre cualquier noticia que está pasando por las calles durante el tiempo comunista. Ya que no puedes confiar en nadie este hombre puede ser heroico o puede ser engañoso. Así que cuando se espera una batalla siempre va a haber una firma línea entre la confianza y la desconfianza! Y aquí esto es la exploración sobre el fantasma de un adolescente que fue asesinado hace 30 años atrás en un remoto cementerio. No solo nos lleva a una aventura de política sino también sobre las memorias producidas por la nostalgia que muchos humanos aprecian.

Pride And Prejudice
by Jane Austen

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A classic for a reason. I will admit a slight annoyance for how quickly everything lines together at the end but so enjoyable while you're reading. The story is funny insightful and is still relatable in this modern age. A novel everyone should read and am exciting to watch the movie to compare the two. This book reminds me of Serendipity the rom-com.

The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

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A centaur named Chiron appeared before the boys, who instead of legs and feet had hooves. Chiron gave Percy a pen that turned into a sword. In the fight they distracted Cerberus, the dog with the 3 heads with a red ball They met Ares the god of War Luke betrayed them, trying to kill him by means of a scorpion.