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One Of Us Is Lying
by Karen M. Mcmanus

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It was a really good mystery book I loved it! The plot follows that of 5 students who have to go through detention. But only 4 survive. There is gossip that was about to be published about the other 4 students who survive so everyone has a motive. This book is certainly one of the best thriller novels. It goes through each characters lives. Really good book. Could've had a better ending.

by Holly Goldberg Sloan

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Julia is very short for her age .And her mom puts her in a play even when she doesn’t want to.In the the summer she has to go to do auditions for the play .She gats be a munchkin for the play for wizard of Oz.she meets famous Directors.She find out that her neighbor has hidden talents and that helps the play. Julia funds out shortness doesn’t mater it’s how big you are inside.


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The first part ends with the event of Jesus' resurrection and this part tells what might be what happened after that. He is touring the encounters of the risen Jesus with the people who awaited him alive. He mentions miracles and coexistence of Jesus with his discipules not counted in the biblical texts. She arouses curiosity about The childish and adolescent life of Jesus and is satisfied through the memoirs of Maria her mother. The fiction is such that it is again believed to be reading a text of veridic history.

The Hook Up
by Kristen Callihan

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This is the first book of the series and my first time reading this authors books. Overall, I thought the book was good. The it was well written and well edited. The beginning was a bit slow for me, but once I got to know the characters better, I didn't want to put it down. I finished it in 3 days. Drew and Anna were great characters, but their friends were great compliments to the book. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

Cold in summer
by Tracy Barrett

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In this book a new girl moves in with her family in a small town in Florida.She has to do a social studies project and finds out there’s a story behind the small town about a girl who is named may butler.May helps people even though she a ghost .The girl does a Project on may butler.Who died in cave in a cold weather and froze to death .she always wanted to go home . In the end she goes home with her family.

A tale of two little engines: Together they could
by Mark Buchanan

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Awesome book, a red engine and blue engine help each other out when one had a problem. By himself he could not finish but together they made it.

101 Dalmations: Puppy Parade
by K. R. Knight

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"I like the book has lots of puppies. They were hiding everywhere, silly puppies. I like Perdy and Pongo finding all the pups."

Otis And The Tornado
by Loren Long

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About a tractor and his friends. He takes care and protects his friends during a tornado even those that were not so nice.

All The Bright Places
by Jennifer Niven

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Theodore Finch saves Violet Markey from killing herself.Later they get paired together for a school project that requieres wandering their city.Finch promises Violet not to do anything she wouldn't like,like pressuring her into getting into a car.Violet agrees and they start wandering.Violet feels new again and they start dating.They form a unique bond that leads to Finch doubting himself and leaving Violet forever

The princess diaries
by Meg cabot

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This was a really good book and it was the first book in the princess diaries series. This book was about a freshman teenager named Mia she lives with her single mom and she has a best friend named lily and her crush is the hottest boy in school named josh. Mia was just an ordinary girl until her dad came to New York to visit her and he told her he is the prince of Genovia which meant she is the princess. She didn’t like the idea of being a princess. She didn’t want anyone to know so she kept it a secret . After school everyday she went to her grandmas penthouse so she can teach her princess lessons. Mia and her best friend got into an argument and they stopped talking. Word got out about Mia being a princess and things changed from there. Her crush asked her to the school dance and she said yes. She found out that he wanted to only date her because he wanted to be on the magazine cover and she ditched him at the dance . She made up with her best friend and the rest of the night she dance and talked to her best friends brother Michael. The book ended with her happy that she was the luckiest girl and she thinks Michael likes her.

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